I Sea The Plastic Problem

I Sea The Plastic Problem

Plastics are not inherently bad, however the frivolous use and disposal of them is causing serious problems.


Plastic has is in fact been labeled a “miracle material”.  We have saved lives inthe health sector with their use.  The growth of clean energy from wind turbines and solar panels has been greatly facilitated, and safe food storage has been revolutionized. 

 However, plastic bottles and bags are the most common items within marine debris and this is evident in our current day-to day life.  While we currently reside in a Central American town with a small population, one would like to imagine that the shorelines here are pure and untouched.  Sadly this is not the case.  The ocean delivers all sorts of ‘foreign goodies’ to shore on the regular.  My child and her friends have been thoroughly enjoying the beach using washed up bottles and disposable cutlery to create sandcastles and beach drawings.  While this has been a great excuse to avoid buying (more plastic) buckets and shovels, its pretty gross. garbage pickup ocean

 Plastic bags are scattered across the shore and can be difficult to pick up as they often fill halfway with sand and have to be dug out.  These plastic bags are very dangerous to marine life-there have been numerous findings of dead whales with 80+ pounds of plastics in their stomach.  We will spend a few hours doing a garbage pickup and shortly post beach-clean, the tide comes in and deposits a new assortment of debris all over again.

 We all know that we have a serious garbage problem. While it is not realistic to avoid waste altogether, our efforts do need to be ramped up.  If we are not buying plastics, then we do not have to worry about where they end up.  Whether you recycle and/or choose waste-free products and packaging wherever you can, you are helping reduce the growing amount of litter on our planet.  I personally would like to see more opportunities for businesses to grow and profit from waste prevention, reduction and repurposing.  There is nothing wrong with incentivizing so more companies will step up to the plate. 

The larger the variety eco-friendly options we have to choose from, the easier it will be for us to prioritize managing our waste.

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