5 Easy Tips for Frizz-less Curls

5 Easy Tips for Frizz-less Curls

1. Put the Brakes on the Heat 

Heat and frizz go together. Wash and rinse your hair in cool or warm water.

  • Try giving your locks a cold rinse at the end of your shower to lock in the moistures... maybe even consider dialling it down on the heat all together.
  • When your hair is wet. Scrunch in your favourite moisturizing curl cream or serum, for curly hair we recommend Orchid Oil Curl Defining Cream or simply the Orchid Oil Serum, both by Redavid.


2. Don't Over-Shampoo

Just like your skin...washing your hair too much can dry it out, making it frizzy and unmanageable. Even oily hair should be given a breather between washings. 

  • Everyone hair and scalp is different but try adding an extra day between wash cycles and see how your hair responds. Be prepared to have be a ball of grease on your additional day for your first few cycles.
  • Try a cleansing conditioner.  This will refresh your hair, while nourishing your curls and keeping them hydrated.
  • Try using a dry shampoo when you roots are showing grease. Be careful, there are some popular drugstore dry shampoo brands that have been known to cause your hair to break. Right now we are love the DOO.OVER by Kevin Murphy and it smells damn good too.


3. Hair Masks are your BFF

It's the topical grail for if your shampoo and conditioner duo isn't quite hitting the mark. Hair masks can provide megadoses of beneficial ingredients to hair that may help keep it nourished, moist, and frizz-free. Make sure you avoids ones that container sulphates. We recommend Redavid Orchid Oil Mask, or, SACHAJUAN Overnight Hair Repair if your hair is ultra-fine.


4. Get yourself a Fresh Cut

When is the last time you had a trim? A common culprit for frizz is dead ends or damaged hair. Hit the reset button for you hair by booking yourself an appointment with your stylist. Make sure you have a good chat about how much needs to be taken off to get your hair back on track. Sometimes if there is a lot of damage and if you aren't prepared to do a drastic chop, you and your hairdresser might want to make 6+ month plan to get your hair back to health.  Take home products in conjunction with a good trim (or a few) will work wonders!


5. Reduce Friction

Is bed head too true for you? Then you might want to consider getting yourself some silk pillowcases or a hair wrap to wear at night. Not only will your tangles be easier to tames but your girls should stay in tact better.


That's all for the article. Good luck gorgeous! Let us know if you have any tips that helped your hair out.