Have Yourself A Zero-Waste Christmas

Have Yourself A Zero-Waste Christmas


Do you have someone in your life who strives to be zero waste? Do you want to help your friends start their own zero waste journey? We have created an idea list for YOU to make the holidays more sustainable, while still being able to have fun with giving gifts.


The goal of living a zero waste lifestyle is to avoid sending anything to the landfill. This is not realistic for the majority of people, but the principles of using what you have and lessening your waste as much as possible is a bit more doable.  Choosing products that have no packaging, or that come in packaging the is reusable or compostable is a step in the right direction!


Zero waste gifts have a very low impact on the environment.  For example, you could gift a bar of soap instead of soap in a plastic bottle OR you could gift a book that gives tips on how to live a zero waste life.  A book of any sort will also do since it can continually be passed on for others enjoyment!

A zero waste gift could also be made from waste in order for a brand to not send anything to a landfill. For example, a handbag brand can take all their scrap pieces from their collection and create a new bag.

Need Ideas For Wrapping?

My personal favourite is using waxed cardboards boxes from crackers/cereals etc  I have my daughter paint them with non-toxic paint.  This provides her a fun craft oppourtunity with me, and also yields custom packaging that most will appreciate the time and love that went into it.  Entertaining the kiddo, recycled packaging, and no crazy crafts to display on our counter for weeks to come!

Prefer something a tidge classier?  Pour yourself a hot toddy, blast Mariah Carey, and get busy with the ideas at the link below.



1. Good JuJu Hair Bars $21

shampoo bar hair

These hair bars do not leave your hair feeling heavy like many natural bars can.  They are formulated with pure, clean, organic ingredients with scientifically proven benefits.  Aside from being a zero-waste bar, they come beautifully packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable & sustainably-sourced material. Made by a very small Canadian business.


2. Kindle Gift Certificates $5+

What better than to gift loved ones with a timeless activity like reading.  Aside from meeting zero-waste criteria, you will also be treating them to knowledge, or an imaginary adventure!


3. Laundry Strips and Dryer Balls

zero waste laundry sheet eco friendly sustainable

If you have not yet tried laundry strips, you are missing out on serious space saving in your cabinets as well as less money down the drain!  The dryer balls also stop you from needing dryer sheets which can be expensive, but also irritating to the skin.  Laundry may have been a boring gift idea, but introducing someone to this waste-less, space and money saving alternative, you are really giving them something special!  Haven't tried them yourself? Better grab yourself some while you are at it.  Made in Canada


4. Easy to Care For Plant

zero waste gift plant pothos green eco

Plants are wonderful, and they clean our air.  They also make the perfect home decoration for the fussiest friends.  My favourite part of gifting a plant is pre-naming it (something ridiculous of course) to make it more memorable.  Don't forget to provide basic care instructions.  Also note: Succulents are NOT as easy to care for as you may think.  I recommend a Pothos or Monstera for ease, propagating, and overall joy to look at!

Find a plant at your local flower shop.  You may pay a little more but you will get a nicer plant and support a local small business!